Social distancing

I always keep distance from others


Why ?

The best way to limit the spread of COVID-19 is to avoid contact with other people within 1.5 metres.

In case of physical effort, the distance to be respected should be adapted: indeed, the more physical the effort, the greater the dispersion of droplets.

Furthermore, activities involving a gathering of people where wearing a mask is made impossible by the activity, for example during meals, are more exposed to a contamination risk. It is therefore essential to respect distances.


Social distancing tips

  • Drive as far to the right as possible in the direction of travel.
  • Avoid gatherings.
  • Respect signs and displays. Directional signs have been placed in important audience areas. However, when evacuating, the nearest exit should be used regardless of the one-way directional signage mentioned above.
  • Preferably use the stairs. On arrival in a room, move to the seat furthest from the entrance and on departure, let those closest to the exit leave the room first.
  • ach unit co-ordinates the layout of the work areas. In this context, it is possible to obtain various tools (signs, posters, hygiaphones, screens to be placed between desks, etc.).