Social distancing

I always keep distance from others

Why respect social distancing?

Staying at a maximum distance is the best way to both protect yourself and avoid infecting your colleagues.

In the event of physical effort, the distance to be respected must be adapted: in fact, the more physical the effort, the greater the dispersion of droplets.

Currently, staying at least 1.5m away from others is a legal obligation.

Special provisions concerning social distancing apply in teaching premises.

When to respect social distancing?

Always, until further notice.

Social distancing tips

At UCLouvain, a colour code that reflects the health situation has been implemented.

Conditions and space capacity depend on the nature of your work.

General measures are also applicable.

In foot traffic areas

  • Keep right as far as possible in the direction of traffic.
  • Avoid gatherings.
  • Observe signs and displays. Directional signs have been placed in/around the main auditoriums. However, during an evacuation, the nearest exit should be used regardless of one-way directional signs.
  • Take the stairs. Persons with reduced mobility and delivery persons have priority for using elevators.

In auditoriums and classrooms

  • Use only the authorised seats, indicated by yellow or orange stickers, depending on the code in force.
  • On arrival, proceed to the available seat furthest from the entrance.
  • Allow those seated closest to the exit to leave the room first.

Units coordinate workspace layouts. In this context, it is possible to obtain various tools (signage, posters, intercoms, barriers between offices, etc.).