Work lines

Designing of the action plan

The action plan in the area of gender policy has been designed :

  • After consulting many people in and outside the University, and in concertation with the Vice-Rector for personnel policy
  • Taking into account the report on initiatives relating to women men equality at UCL prepared by the “2013-2014 report on the status of gender equality”, prepared by the « Gender contact person »
  • Relying on the literature available on the matter
  • But also on the basis of many examples provided by other university institutions in the world that have already define a gender policy

Work lines

The action plan in the area of gender policy emphasizes the following work lines :

  1. Raise the awareness of all players of the UCL (students, administrative personnel, scientific and academic personnel) to the sakes of gender diversity and equality for everyone’s well-being.
  2. Act to promote a balance representation of men and women in the university’s governance bodies
  3. Make sure to promote gender equality while ensuring equal opportunities in the area of personnel policy (career management, assessment, promotion, etc.)
  4. Develop the training offer in gender studies (1st and 2nd cycles)
  5. Encourage and support gender research
  6. Provide society with the expertise of UCL’s players in the area of gender