Green mobility

UCL has ‘soft mobility’ in its DNA: designing the pedestrianised sites of Louvain-la-Neuve and Brussels Woluwe was one of its founding acts. It intensified this approach over the years, and encourages the use of transport alternatives to the car.

UCL’s seven sites in Belgium are seven distinct realities benefitting from collective initiatives.

On two wheels

Students and staff are encouraged to use bicycles. Ample facilities make getting around on two wheels a breeze.

Showers, bicycle racks, shelters and repair shops meet the demand for cycling services and products.

For university staff, the incentive is also financial: UCL provides a per kilometre commuting allowance.

For students, certain theme-based shared flats – so-called ‘kots à projet’ – are predicated on bicycle use and repair, such as the VéloPital, the kot Méca and the PédaKot.

Car sharing

In addition to being a ‘soft’ solution, car sharing is also economical. To travel from one campus to another or to go to work, attend class or a meeting, UCL created a university car-sharing community via the Commuty application.

Whether for daily or occasional travel, Commuty satisfies both driver and passenger demand for shared transport in total security.

Mobility events

Think together, act together. During September’s Mobility Week, UCL activates its networks and community to reflect on and experience other kinds of mobility, and organises theme lunches.

On Bike Day, the university invites all staff to cycle to work and join a guided bike tour that leads to a group breakfast on the Grand Place.

Bike Day participant Vincent Delcorps says, ‘You just have to do it once to realise it’s easier and more enjoyable than you thought.’


Since 2011, UCL has encouraged staff to reduce their commutes whenever possible.

Experience since then has been positive in terms of increasing UCL employee well-being and decreasing the impact of their commutes.

Meanwhile, videoconference facilities allow for national or international meetings on all seven UCL sites.

Mobility group

UCL created a specific group to tend to mobility issues.

Its specific missions include: performing assessments, developing commuter plans, informing the university community, monitoring the implementation of initiatives.

♦ Did you know ? ♦

The kot Méca shared student flat organises annual bicycle registration sessions.


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