Internal rules

Classrooms are not open to the public. Persons not associated with UCL cannot access them without authorisation.

UCL also provides computer labs, equipment and software to facilitate your university studies. The university asks you to respect them. Lab access is subject to accepting the Ethics Code applicable to UCL information system users (My UCL).

1. Before entering a room, make sure it is not occupied by a class.

2. In the room, please do not:

  • eat or drink (which prevents damaging/soiling equipment);
  • use your mobile phone or speak loudly (which respects the work of others).

3. As these are collective work environments,

  • keep them clean and organised and use the waste bins;
  • do not remove furniture;
  • do not unplug or move equipment;
  • do not adjust screens or other equipment.

4. Computer equipment and software and network access are reserved for educational and research purposes. Loading software or non-educational files (e.g. *.mp3, *.avi, etc.), viewing non-educational videos, and connecting a laptop to the university network are forbidden without Service Desk authorisation.

5. Using a work station for private purposes, such as checking email or communicating with friends or family, is acceptable as long as:

  • resources are not monopolised to the detriment of other users;
  • the work station is ceded upon another student’s request;
  • other users are not disturbed.

6. Malfunctioning equipment are to be reported to the Service Desk at 010/47.82.82.

7. The access card and login are assigned to an individual and cannot be shared or transferred. Students must be in possession of an access card at all times. At the beginning of a term, exemptions can be granted depending on:

  • student status (cf. new student, interuniversity programme, etc.);
  • permanent opening of a dedicated room with cardless access and generic login (cf. ‘Activate your global account’, ‘Procedure for new students’, ‘Activating your account on a UCL computer lab work station’).

8. Unless authorised, students cannot leave computer lab doors open.

9. When leaving the room, students must make sure their work session is closed, screen turned off and nothing is left behind on the table or in the computer.

10. Emergency, security and caretaking services are available at 010/47.22.22. Telephones are located in certain rooms and hallways.

In case of abuse

Failure to follow these rules will entail the following:

  • A first warning will entail a one-week access ban.
  • A second warning will entail a two-week access ban.
  • A third warning will entail notifying the appropriate authorities (faculty dean) and an access ban pending their response.

Other penalties could be imposed in accordance with the Ethics Code of the UCL Academic Regulations and Procedures.