The year 2025 will mark the 600th anniversary of our alma mater. This important milestone is ideal for setting new objectives for, and with, the entire university community.

After several months of analysis and dialogue with a view to developing the plan collectively, the Horizon 600 Strategic Plan was approved by the various university bodies. This ambitious document summarises the priority challenges for the next five years: student support, human resources, internationalisation, the economic, ecological and social transition, and openness through digital technology. Now it’s time for action. We are counting on everyone’s participation to make this strategic plan a success.

Since its foundation on 9 December 1425, the Université de Louvain has undergone a few revolutions but also, like the whole of society, continuous evolution. Horizon 600 is firmly in the latter category. We look forward to our 600th year!

Rector Vincent Blondel