Open education and open science

UCLouvain was a pioneer and is now a leading university in open education and distance learning. It also partakes of the global approach of open science, which aims to make research and scientific data and their dissemination accessible to every level of a society in search of knowledge.


Open education and distance learning

Including open education and distance learning in the education mission

UCLouvain continues to develop three distinct lines:

  • open education resources, including OpenCourseWare, which is accessible to and usable by all, for teaching and learning;
  • MOOCs that anyone can take and online courses reserved for the student community;
  • digital teaching and learning tools.
Deploying an open education culture at all institutional levels

The university stimulates the use of the most relevant platforms and tools to support the wide-ranging needs of the teaching and student community.

Investing in open education networks and projects

To increase its international visibility, UCLouvain produces, shares and exchanges within national and international partnerships.

Promoting an inclusive pedagogy and ensuring accessibility

Open education makes it possible to better adapt to the variety of profiles and needs at UCLouvain by ensuring that everyone, regardless of their situation, has access to digital tools and resources.

Open science

Anchoring open science, in all its dimensions, in the actions of research institutes

UCLouvain is committed to making open access, open data and open source common practices mastered in the scientific community.

Nurturing an open science culture at all university levels

This culture aims to improve the quality and reliability of research through principles such as inclusiveness, fairness, equity and sharing.

Increasing its international visibility through its investment in open science

UCLouvain actively contributes to national and international networks promoting open science such as Circle U. and The Guild. 

"This wide-ranging project is based on a value: openness. It concerns the entire UCLouvain community and extends well beyond. We are committed to access to knowledge for all."

Yves Deville, Rectoral Advisor for the Digital University and Open Science

free education resources have been made available on the UCLouvain OER institutional platform since 2020.