Human resources

UCLouvain has more than 6,000 staff members, with different profiles, realities and statuses. In this rich and complex professional environment, human resources policy aims to be inclusive and understandable for each individual. Its overall objective is to improve everyone’s quality of life and ensure well-being at work.


Improving work life quality

Professional well-being depends on many factors. UCLouvain takes action in support of telework, replacement, career development, equity and safety policies.

Attracting, retaining and developing talent

As an employer, UCLouvain constantly strives to increase its influence by defining its assets and refining its communication and attractiveness.

Developing integrated training paths

In order to strengthen the implementation of human resources policy throughout the management hierarchy, UCLouvain offers a digital training portfolio and three training paths for new employees, leaders and managers.

Managing careers and recognising professional investment

The importance of evaluation, the deployment of new forms of recognition, the encouragement of internal mobility and support for the end or extension of careers are all processes for which UCLouvain is developing tools for line managers.

Intensifying digitisation and ensuring process improvement

The administrative simplification brought about by digitisation responds to a need for efficiency and requires a thorough review of processes. Some procedures are already completed, while others are in the process of being changed or are still being considered.

Promoting diversity, gender equality and inclusion

UCLouvain continues its commitment and combines action, analyses, and surveys to emphasise openness, balance and equity.

"This plan aims to effect a major change by relying on a hierarchy of better trained managers and offering a rewarding work environment."

Didier Lambert, Vice-Rector for Personnel Policy

individuals began their integrated training course in 2021.