Smart card: your electronic access card

The smart card enables its holder to access libraries and their holdings, classrooms, protected buildings, car parks and more.

The front of the card displays the holder’s full name, photo, and card and FGS numbers.

The back of the card has a magnetic strip and features the ‘multisite’ aspect of the university.

The card also has contactless functionality.


The ‘normal’ processing time for receiving a card is 15 working days after submitting the form and a photo that meets indicated requirements.

If you do not receive the card within 15 working days and:

  • you are a staff member, contact the Personnel Department;
  • you are a student, contact the Enrolment Office;
  • you are a library user, contact the library in which you are registered.

Your first UCL smart card is activated automatically. If you already possessed a valid card, your new card will be automatically activated seven days after it is sent. Your old card will be deactivated in order to enable you to use the new one. If you want to activate the new card sooner, follow the instructions at ‘Smart card activation’.

To gain access to buildings or car parks, log in to My UCL – Smart card.

In case of loss or theft

Follow the instructions at ‘In case of loss or theft’.

More information: