Sustainable Development Committee

« The ambition is to go beyond those who are already convinced and promote sustainable development throughout the university through concrete action. »

Marc Francaux, UCL Pro-Rector for Sustainable Development and Chair of the Sustainable Development Committee

When it comes to sustainable development, seeing the big picture is impossible without a well-defined governance structure fit for purpose. The university’s Sustainable Development Committee (French acronym: CoDD) keeps the big picture in view.

Born of sustained deliberations, the committee makes UCL’s scientific interest in and commitment to sustainable development a reality.

 Created in 2016, it assumes responsibility for five essential missions:

  • Brainstorming and encouraging everyone in the university community to showcase their own sustainable development projects.
  • Supporting new initiatives at the university’s seven locations through incentive grants and project calls while promoting bridges between students, UCL staff and local communities.
  • Coordinating UCL communication on sustainable development and conducting awareness-raising activities within the university community and at regional, national and international levels.
  • Promoting exchange with other national and international initiatives.
  • Promoting local actors who collaborate with UCL and the Sustainable Development House.

To carry out these missions, the committee gathers specialists in the field of sustainable development, striking a representative balance among faculty, research and administrative staff, and the student community.

Committee members

Pr. Marc Francaux

Pr. Valérie Swaen

Pr. Olivier De Schutter

Pr. Véronique Bragard

Pr. Jean-Pascal Van Ypersele

Pr. Pierre Dufourny

Pr. Yvan Larondelle

Olivier Malay
CNE Representative

Isabelle Lermuseau
AREC Representative

Limor Aharon
AGL Representative

Didier Smits
ADPI Representative

Anaïs De Munck
AGL Representative

Valentin Couvreur
CORSCI Representative

Giovanna Gisellu
CORTA Representative

Alain Dangoisse
Representative Maison du Développement Durable

Julien Hendrix
Student KAP (invited)

Melvyn Kutgen
AGL Representative

Matthias Gorremans
Student KAP (invited)