Bachelor in Bioscience Engineering


The bachelor’s programme teaches the basic disciplines of the life sciences as well as engineering techniques.

These disciplines are in five main fields :

  • mathematics, data analysis and processing ;
  • materials sciences and process engineering ;
  • life sciences ;
  • earth and ecosystem sciences ;
  • human sciences.

The first year of the bachelor’s programme involves fundamental scientific disciplines applied to the study of living organisms and the environment: biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics and earth sciences.

During the second and third years, the focus on living organisms, from the molecular to the planetary scale, intensifies and the student’s engineering skills are developed.


The third year also entails 30 credits of in-depth study in one of the three bioengineering sectors : agronomics, environmental science or chemistry.
The ‘in-depth minor’ will help prepare the student for one of the faculty’s four master of bioengineering programmes.