Language requirement/ French courses



Institut des langues vivantes (ILV) allow exchange students to take free French course up to maximum 10 credits/semester ou 16 credits/year.
The French course is FREE only if the course is indicated in your learning agreement and signed by your home university.

Enrolment to a French course is not automatic. To be certain to have a place in a group, student has to:

  • Pass the online test done on Moodle after arrival - more information will follow;
  • Assist to the course and have check with the teacher if there is a place available for him/her.
  • Check that the schedule of the course is suitable to his/her program.
  • Complete and return the registration form to your teacher beforehand signed by your Erasmus coordinators.
  • Enrolment deadline: date to be confirmed for the first semester – date to be confirmed for the second semester.



We do not need a proof of your French or English level because we do trust your home university with sending student capable to take courses in French or English (minimum of B2).

We only advice the student to speak a bit French in order to live and communicate in the city.