Data Science


Data Science is an emerging field triggered by the huge accumulation of data of all sorts in science, engineering or business, the ability to store them and the need to extract insightful analytics. In the last couple of decades data science has transformed our world and the way we perceive it. Let us only mention the web-based economy, the recent successes of artificial intelligence, the discovery of new particles or exoplanets in which data science held a key role. It is characterized by a trans-disciplinary set of techniques borrowing to statistics, applied mathematics and computer science. The Engineering Master teaches the student a wide span of these techniques and lets the student choose to specialize further and get cutting-edge knowledge in one or several aspects of Data Science.

Specifically, the Engineering Master in Data Science at UCL, fully taught in English, proposes mandatory and elective courses in Data Algorithmics, Statistics, and Machine Learning. The student may specialize in one of the two options, Computer Systems or Numerical Methods And Optimisation, or pursue both. The option in Computer Systems proposes the organizational aspects of data storage and computation, such as cloud computing and cybersecurity. Numerical Methods And Optimisation explores the algorithmics of large numerical datasets, such as handling large matrices, and optimal decision-making, such as finding an optimal tour for a travelling salesman incurring many stops with various constraints.

Data Scientists are among the most highly sought profiles in the job market, and an engineer in data science will be valuable to large and small companies in the sectors of finance, marketing, management, consulting, computer science, and many others. Moreover, this young, burgeoning, ever-developing field offers tremendous opportunities for research in order to design today the tools that will be widely used tomorrow. PhD studies in Data Science can be pursued at the internationally recognized labs of UCL.

EPL organizes two Master degrees in Data Science. The Master in data science is intended for students holding a Bachelor’s degree in computer science (or other Bachelor degrees, on application). The Master in data science and engineering leads to an engineer’s degree are requires a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, including a large background in science and technology (physics, chemistry, mathematics, etc.).