The Master of Electromechanical Engineering integrates in a balanced way the disciplines of electricity and mechanics. The program promotes general education through the mastership of basic knowledge in mathematical methods, electricity physics and mechanics assuring a solid common part. The master is divided into two goals: mechatronics and energy. The first one emphasizes electronic training, mechanical production, automatic and robotics and the second one is focussing on electricity training, thermodynamics and energy. Several options are possible (electronic circuits and systems, aeronautics, dynamic systems, dynamics and robotics, nuclear energy, etc…)

At UCL, the master of electromechanics relies on a highly interdisciplinary approach based upon integrated projects in mechatronics or energy according to the track. Learning by project or by problem is present in some lectures in parallel with lab and practical sessions. This master also relies on 2 research units (MEED for the mechatronics and electrical energy aspects and TFL for the energy and thermofluid aspects) carrying out advanced and internationally recognized work, whether in numerical modeling or experimentation. For his master’s thesis, the student has the opportunity to integrate himself into a research group and contribute to the work in progress. Moreover, contact with the industrial world is possible through the visit of factories, interships and master thesis subjects from different sectors.

This education will enable electromechanical engineers to easily integrate into a constantly changing technological sector. With a strong background in mechanics, electricity, electronics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics and multi-body systems, he is able to plan a career in industrial areas such as robotics, aerospace, automotive or energy transformation systems, etc, in production as well as in design or R & D divisions. Thanks to a non technical education, the engineer is also prepared to handle changes in a professional life that requires more and more leadership.