How & When to apply

How to apply as an exchange student

You can apply for an exchange at Louvain School of Engineering at UCL if you are registrered as a student at one of our partner universities and your home university has an agreement for student exchange with us.     

To apply as an exchange student at Louvain School of Engineering, you should be first nominated by your home institution's international office for an exchange at Louvain School of Engineering, but the final decision about the acceptance of exchange students will by made by Louvain School of Engineering.

Once we have been nominated, you should then upload and fill in the following document:

ADMISSION FORM 2020-2021 (fillable PDF document to be completed digitally, printed out and signed by you and your home institution)

For your perusal and if unavailable at your home institution, please use the UCL ECTS Learning Agreement template.


Please make sure you submit your application by the deadline indicated on this document. As a general rule, the first part must be submitted by the applicant: 

- by May 31, if the stay will cover the full year or the first semester of the next academic year
- by November 30 if the stay will cover the second semester of the same academic year

The first part of the application form must be sent to:  Mrs Emmanuelle BRUN Secrétariat EPL Rue Archimède 1 B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve Tel. : 32-10 47 29 90  Fax : 32-10 47 24 66 E-Mail : . The documents can be sent either by post or alternatively by email, as long as they are properly scanned documents.

Please note that if the exchange period is linked to a Master final thesis, your application must follow a specific timing, as the process is more complex than the process of an exchange stay for courses only.

How to apply for as a double degree student

When applying for a dual degree Master programme, your application needs to be done in 2 steps: 

  1. You need to fill in and send back the same application form as for an exchange programme and send it back in the same timeframe (see above).
  2. Once you receive confirmation from Louvain school of Engineering that your application is accepted, you will  need to apply as a regular student at UCL, in order to get the UCL diploma, upon successful completion of both academic years here and in your local institution (see following section on how to apply as a regular student). Of course, your application will be processed more quickly with the UCL central registration office since you will have been already accepted in our school from an academic point of view.

How to apply as a degree seeking student

Registering as a regular student coming from abroad is a different process, as mentionned previously. During this whole process, you will only be in contact with the UCL central student registration office and will not have any contacts with Louvain School of Engineering (EPL). 

Your application will first be handled at administrative level by the UCL central registration office. This office will then liaise with Louvain School of Engineering to check if your file can be accepted at academic level. Once you file is accepted at academic level, it will go back to central registration office which will then liaise with you to inform you about the next steps of your registration.