Mechanical Engineering is a diverse, versatile and rapidly evolving discipline at the forefront of modern industrial activities and future technological developments. It deals with the analysis, design and production of everything from small components and devices, such as micro-sensors and labs-in-a-chip, to large systems such as spacecraft and power stations. At UCL, the Master’s program in Mechanical Engineering is designed to provide advanced training in both the fundamentals and the practical applications to the industrial and technological sector. Our program of study is quite broad and extensive so that our students develop a wide range of skills that are of high demand.

Our training covers all fields of mechanical engineering and the students may choose between 5 focus areas (options): i) aeronautics, ii) energy, iii) dynamics, robotics & biomechanics, iv) manufacturing and mechanics of materials, and v) nuclear energy. The program consists of a number of compulsory courses and a diverse portfolio of elective courses. The classes of most elective courses are of small size, thus fostering close collaboration between students and professors. Our teaching practices link theory and practice and our courses include laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment, projects, case-studies etc. Another particular strength is the student-exchange agreements with universities from all around the world that offer the possibility to complete a part of the coursework abroad. Moreover, our students have the opportunity to conduct research and development in their Master’s thesis. Another feature that makes our program particularly attractive is the possibility for an industrial internship and/or Master’s thesis in the industrial sector. The courses are taught in English, thus providing a truly international dimension to our Master’s program.

Mechanical engineers play a central role in numerous industrial and technological sectors as such as automotive, aerospace, energy, marine, biotechnology, computers and electronics, environmental protection and safety, automation, manufacturing, etc. For this reason, they are constantly sought after and find easily employment upon graduation. Moreover, they have particularly good starting salaries. Also, due to their versatility, mechanical engineers have a broader than usual understanding of the technological world and their careers are not sensitive to fluctuations of the economy. Finally, the mechanical engineers of UCL have established a well-developed alumni network, enjoy a very good international reputation and are highly regarded and sought-after by employers.