Ph.D. Apero




The PhD Apero is an informal seminar gathering together PhD students of IRES and CORE. Its aim is to create a friendly environment allowing PhD students to present their early-stage research projects, in all the main fields of economics and econometrics. The seminar is open to Post-Docs, and all the research master students at ESL are strongly encouraged to take part to it, especially those enrolled in the final year.


Daniele Verdini


Meetings are in room d.109, from 18.15-19.00

 Programme 2018 - 2019 

  • October 16th: Hendrik Scheewel ''Immigration, Welfare, and Inequality. How much does the Labor Market Specification Matter?''
  • November 26th: Francesco Pascucci ''The Rise of the Added Worker Effect''
  • December 3rd: Leonardo Madio ''Content Providers in a Multi-piracy Ecosystem''
  • December 10th: Adam Levai & Riccardo Turati ''Migration, Law, and Economic Outcome: Cross-country Evidence''
  • February 11th : Fabio Blasutto ''Roman Church Censorship: Ideas and Growth''
  • March 18th: Olivier Malay ''Rethinking Economics''
  • April 8th: Annalisa Frigo ''Coping Strategies of Ageing (Would-be) Parents and the Scope for Assisted Reproductive Technologies''
  • May 13th: Nouhoum Touré ''Woman Employment and Development''