Selection procedure


Admission criteria

1. Exchange programs are accessible during

  • the ECGE bachelor : within the framework of the "approfondissement en économie" during annual block 3 (term 2)
  • the master in Economics, Professional focus (ECON2MS/G): during annual block 2 (term 1 or term 2)
  • the master in Economics, Research focus (ECON2MA): during annual block 1 (term 2)

2. The exchange lasts 1 term

3. Selected students are eligible to a UCLouvain mobility grant (take deadlines into account for application - consult the International Office/Géraldine Carette).

For further information on the mobility grants, please consult the officiel UCL website (after identification).

4. Interested students must apply during the academic year preceding the exchange. A preselection is done by the ESL international Committee on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Academic results: past results, including the results of the January session of the year of application, number of credits approved during the master programme
  • Motivation of the student (application file + draft learning agreement introduced via the mobility tool "Mob-i" / virtual office)
  • Proficiency in the teaching language of the university of destination (+ basic knowledge in the main language of the country)
  • Number of slots available

PAY ATTENTION: an application can only be considered valid if the student has taken all the exams of the courses organized in the 1st term of the year of application

An interview and/or language test may be organized on request by the International Committee.

5. Final selection/participation confirmation

ECGE bachelor program ("approfondissement en économie"): selection confirmation is conditional on validation of minimum 115 ECTS (meaning: validation of the 60 credits of annual bloc 1 and 55 credits of annual bloc 2) at the September session of the 2nd year of study (and 110 ECTS at the June session) of the year preceding mobility.

ECON2MS/G Master program (professional focus): selection confirmation is conditional on:

Necessary condition FOR ALL:
- have passed the Applied Econometrics course (Core course) before departure

Sufficient conditions depending on the semester of mobility and the destination:

If mobility in Q1:

- fulfill 50 credits in June (before departure) / for destinations A

- Fulfill 50 credits in June and 55 credits in August/September (before departure) / for destinations B

If mobility in Q2:

- Fulfill 50 credits in June , 55 credits in August/September and 70 credits in January /  for destinations A, B, C

ECON2MA Master program (research focus): selection confirmation after successful completion of all the exams of the courses organized in the 1st term at the January session of annual block 1.


- No remote or anticipated exam will be organized for selected students who couldn't attend the official examination sessions at UNamur or UCLouvain due to mobility reasons.

- No exception will be made regarding the official regulation linked to the examination sessions (January - June - September)

- No possibility to change of destination after pre-selections have been announced

- All courses pending from previous programmes will have to be passed before departure (in addition to the criteria above mentioned)

How to apply?

The selection procedure and the deadlines are detailed in the agenda (login required). Failure to respect the deadlines would lead to the cancelation of the application.

The application file is composed of:

- an application form duly filled in and with an ID photo
- a motivation letter (briefly presenting the student and his/her motivation in taking part in a specific exchange destination, choice of the destination,...)
- transcript of records of all the past academic years (passed or failed)

Your filled-in application file has to be sent by email, in pdf, at the following email address: or to be handed in directly to Mrs. Carette (Dupriez's Building - Ground Floor -D.008).

!!!!!  To confirm your application, you will have to enter VIA MOB-I (mobility tool available in your virtual office) a draft program for each destination chosen !!!!

If "Mob-i" does not appear on your virtual office, please send an email to Mrs. Géraldine Carette.

Your application file will be reviewed by the International Committee. The committee reserves the right to invite the student to an inteview and/or a language test.

The list of the pre-selected students will be published in the notification boards.