To do list at your arrival

ESPO Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

Welcome at ESPO Faculty!

Throughout the year, you will have to go through a certain number of administrative tasks:

1) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE: Register to the university via the UCLouvain Enrolment Office
 by September 30th at the latest

PAY ATTENTION: you will receive by postal mail within the following 15 days

  • UCL student card = it gives access to the Libraries & Computer Rooms
  • NOMA = your student reference
  • FGS number = your student number

These elements are essential to create your UCL Dashboard - See Tutoriel 1 herebelow.


  • For non-european students, you MUST GO IN PERSON to UCLouvain Enrolment Office - SIC!!!!!!!
  • For european students, a scanned version of the admission letter signed by you and sent to your admission administrator is sufficient to obtain your NOMA.

2) Activate your global account

To get access to your Dashboard, create your Global account and Password

  • you will need your NOMA number 
  • go to the ‘Activate your global account’ page (in French); you will obtain your UCL global username 
  • choose a password

More details here: Global Account (in French)

3) Go to "My UCL" (= dashboard) and Customise your dashboard with useful widgets

4) Enrol to your courses via the Widget "My study - Mes études"

See the Tutoriel 2 herebelow

Good to know:

  • The student's annual study program has to be composed of 60 credits 

  • Try to build a balanced program (ideally: 30 credits per semester).

  • If a student wants to enter a special request, he/she will have to do it on-line (see the tutoriel).

  • The programme needs to be finalized by September 30th.
    For the courses of the second semester, you will have the opportunity to make minor course's modification in February

5) Moodle - On-line plateform to manage your courses

For information relating to each course, enrol as quickly as possible on the online course platforms  (code cours - professor): MOODLE 

6) Your E-mail

Activate your UCL electronic mail - - through the Dashboard / Widget My Mailbox

7) IT Services

8) My schedule

See the Tutoriel 4 herebelow