To do list at your arrival

ESPO Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

Welcome at ESPO Faculty!

Throughout the year, you will have to go through a certain number of administrative tasks:

1) Register to the university via the UCL Enrolment Office
 by September 30th at the latest

PAY ATTENTION: you will receive by postal mail within the following 15 days

  • UCL student card = it gives access to the Libraries & Computer Rooms
  • NOMA = your student reference
  • FGS number = your student number

These elements are essential to create your UCL Dashboard - See Tutoriel 1 herebelow.

2) Activate your global account

To get access to your Dashboard, create your Global account and Password

  • you will need your NOMA number 
  • go to the ‘Activate your global account’ page (in French); you will obtain your UCL global username 
  • choose a password

More details here: Global Account (in French)

3) Go to "My UCL" (= dashboard) and Customise your dashboard with useful widgets

4) Enrol to your courses via the Widget "My study - Mes études"

See the Tutoriel 2 herebelow

Good to know:

  • The student's annual study program has to be composed of 60 credits 

  • Try to build a balanced program (ideally: 30 credits per semester).

  • If a student wants to enter a special request, he/she will have to do it on-line (see the tutoriel).

  • The programme needs to be finalized by September 30th.
    For the courses of the second semester, you will have the opportunity to make minor course's modification in February

5) Moodle - On-line plateform to manage your courses

For information relating to each course, enrol as quickly as possible on the online course platforms  (code cours - professor): MOODLE 

6) Your E-mail

Activate your UCL electronic mail - - through the Dashboard / Widget My Mailbox

7) IT Services

8) My schedule

See the Tutoriel 4 herebelow