Multilingual communication


Master’s degree in multilingual communication

To become a multilingual communication specialist in the world of international and national affairs

The master’s in multilingual communication, organised in collaboration with the Faculty of Economic, Social and Political and Communication Sciences, is a multidisciplinary programme for developing a command of at least two languages and acquiring communication, writing and intercultural skills adapted to the world of business.

Programme strengths

  • Multilingual training, with a combination of two working languages, to be chosen from German, English, French and Dutch, with the possibility of adding a third language.
  • Specialised courses in each target language to ensure optimal preparation for business communication: reading business and economic texts and case studies for setting up communication strategies in companies.
  • Possibility of spending a semester abroad in one of the faculty’s many partner universities in order to expand your language and communication skills in a multicultural context.
  • Mandatory internship of at least three months in a company abroad or in Belgium in order to take your first steps in the business world and develop a professional network.