Dual degree in multilingual communication (uOttawa-UCLouvain)


Dual degree in multilingual communication (uOttawa-UCLouvain)


The University of Louvain’s Faculty of Philosophy, Arts and Letters and the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Arts have joined forces to offer a new programme that awards two degrees, one from each university:

  • a master’s degree in multilingual communication from UCLouvain and
  • a master of arts in communication from uOttawa.

UCLouvain’s programme allows you to acquire and develop specialised language skills in English and French (and other languages) in the fields of business and business communication and in different types of organisation.

The uOttawa degree programme allows you to explore different facets of the world of organisational communication and media through a rich and varied course in a dynamic and stimulating bilingual environment.

The programme’s international dimension is active right from the start, notably through the research methodology course organised remotely by the University of Ottawa.

After your first year in Belgium, you will spend the entire second year in Canada, where you will complete your programme, including your dissertation and internship.

Main course advantages:

  • Improves your main working languages in an international and multilingual professional context;
  • Puts into practice your theoretical knowledge and language skills;
  • Develops your ability to adapt in the specific context of your organisation;
  • Reinforces your soft skills and intercultural communication knowledge;
  • Allows you to develop an international professional network.