University-managed Accommodations

As exchange student, you will be able to apply for university-managed accommodations (rooms in 'kots' or 'kots à projet'). 

You must complete the accommodation form available on the UCL Accommodation Office website. The form is only in French, but you can download the instructions in English.

Information concerning accommodations in Louvain-la-Neuve is available on the UCL Accommodation Office's website.

Should you have any question please do not hesitate to get in touch with them!


UCL Accommodation Office
Rue de la Gare 6
B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve

Opening hours

Monday to Friday:

Ms. Laurence Mairesse

 1st semester or full year: 31 May 
 2nd semester: 14 December

A room in a Kot (shared-flat)

Originally, 'Kot' (or shared flat) is a Dutch word meaning 'junk room'. Nowadays in Belgium this word means accommodation for university students.

Shared flats are composed of 3 up to 12 student rooms, with shared services (kitchen, living room, showers and toilets). Shared flats may be mixed-gender or single-gender.
Rooms are fully furnished (crockery, cutlery and bedding are not provided).



A room in a Kot à projet

"Kot à projet " or theme-based shared flat is a flat managed by UCL Accommodation Office. Students (6-12) live together and work together on a social, cultural or humanitarian project during the academic year.
Members of a kot à projet devote some of their time and energy to achieving different kind of activities, such as:


- raising public awareness on

  • problems faced by developing countries
  • health issues
  • environment

- organization of :

  • plays, shows
  • concerts
  • social activities
  • ... 

- general services to the community and other students

- promotion of artistic and cultural activities, assistance to disabled students...


There are over 120 kots à projet, or KAP's, as they are also called. Their names are quite explicit: Astrokot, Photokot, Kot Oxfam, Kot Emploi, Improkot, Kot Manga, Kot-é-Chine, etc

Some of these kots à projet welcome exchange students.

Living in a kot à projet is a wonderful way to work on interesting projects, develop transferrable skills, get to know the Belgian culture from the inside and improve your French, but the number of rooms available in kots à projet is limited. International students who would like to be part of a kot à projet should contact the UCL Accommodation Office.