The Mobilités Européennes en Traduction Spécialisée (METS, ‘European Mobility in Specialised Translation’ programme) was created in 2004 at the initiative of a founding consortium of seven European universities and schools, later joined by additional members. The current consortium, which has just renewed its agreement and regulations, includes:

The METS programme offers translation students a year of specialisation and intercultural professionalisation in the form of a unique programme whose excellence is guaranteed by the ten partners.

The programme takes the form of two semesters in two partner universities and in different countries. Each university offers a different curriculum and area of specialisation, as well as a variety of language combinations.

The aim of this programme is to enable students to perfect their training in Europe in areas of specialised professional skills and thus enrich their academic background with a view to maximising their opportunities on the international labour market.

Students choose from courses offered by the universities. After a complete course (two semesters at two host universities), students obtain 50 credits. UCLouvain LSTI students complete a dissertation worth 15 ECTS.

At the programme’s end, students obtain a master's degree from their home university and a certificate signed by the consortium.