Specialized master in public health methodology


Specialized Master in Public health methodology - MPHM


Conditions Admission:

  • Master degree (5 years of university education, equivalent to 300 credits)
  • Open to medical doctors, nurses and other paramedical, social sciences professionals involved in public health, public health researchers, decision makers and executives…

This Specialized Master is open to a wide range of practitioners (public health executives, medical doctors, health economists, research workers in the biomedical sector, etc.). This course is an Specialized Master degree which means a master subsequent to a previous master. Therefore the general admission requirement for the course is that the applicants must possess a diploma at least equivalent to a master degree (5 years of university education).

To be admitted, applicants must bear a 2nd cycle degree considered equivalent to 300 credits (minimum 5 years of study) by the Jury. If the degree represents only 240 credits (minimum 4 years of study), the candidate should have acquired 60 extra credits through other 2nd cycle studies or through some form of specialization, or must prove to have acquired the useful knowledge through personal or professional experience.

Main Goal:

This programme is intended for public health professionals, health managers, who work at different levels of the health system. The main goal is to provide a large degree of autonomy in the use of public health methods to achieve the overall objective: «ensure methodological approaches and public health decision-makings, consistent with the needs of people, communities and individuals».

English teaching

This course aims to strengthen the links between academic research and applied topics such as health programmes and health systems management. It gives graduates knowledge and skills to undertake public health research as well as to provide leadership and technical support in public health programmes and policy, particularly in middle and low income countries.


Organized by:

  • Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB), École de Santé Publique (coordinator)
  • Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain), Faculté de santé publique
  • Université de Mons (UMONS), Faculté Warocqué d’Économie et de Gestion & Faculté de médecine et pharmacie

Please note that the registration procedure described in this section is not required for students who benefit from a scholarship from the Belgian development cooperation (ARES scholarships).

Registration : https://www.ulb.be/en/enrolment

Deadline :

For EU students : from april to the end of september

For non-EU students : from mid february to the end of april




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