2017 Business and Society Research Seminar - Lille

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

2017 Business and Society Research Seminar: Corporate Social Responsibility in Uncertain Times

June 8-9 2017, Lille (France)


The objective of this two-day “Business and Society Research Seminar” (formerly “CSR Research Seminar”) is to bring together doctoral students, emerging scholars and more experienced academics to present and discuss their research projects and receive feedback. We explored commonalities as well as differences in each other’s’ research approaches and themes in an inspiring, sociable and convivial academic setting. Similarly to previous editions of the seminar, the two-day research event was composed of plenary, thematic, and workshop sessions dedicated to research methodology and publication strategy. Furthermore, we put emphasis on collaboration and dialogue with practitioners. All sessions involved fellow PhD students, emerging scholars and more experienced researchers.

The seminar was hosted by the IÉSEG Center for Organizational Responsibility (ICOR) at IÉSEG School of Management (France) in collaboration with the Louvain CSR Network of the Louvain School of Management Research Institute (UCL, Belgium), Audencia Business School (France) and ICHEC Brussels Management School (Belgium).

The keynote speakers were Jeremy Moon, Velux Professor of Corporate Sustainability at the Copenhagen Business School Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (cbsCSR), for a plenary session focused on the main theme of 2017 edition on Corporate Social Responsibility in Uncertain Times.


In the face of damage or shocks to the current socio-political and economic system, businesses and their multiple constituencies are faced with increasing social, environmental and political challenges. In these uncertain times, novel efforts across the CSR, sustainability and social innovation agenda by different types of business-related actors are required to lead to a redefinition of the responsibilities, roles and opportunities for businesses and their constituencies to foster the emergence of meaningful, renewed forms of prosperity.

Programme: click here.

Pictures of the 2017 Business and Society Research Seminar