Alumni - LSM LLN

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

Alumni LLN

In the same way as a brand, a university – and even more so a business school – has to develop and build a name for itself. It acquires a reputation through its history, and through the quality of the services and products it delivers. Who can testify on the quality of the education provided by LSM-Campus LLN ? LSM-Campus LLN itself, certainly, but even more so its "satisfied consumers”, its alumni, all those who currently make up a network of decision-makers who share the same alma mater.

While this network is crucial for the reputation and the visibility of LSM, it is also important for all the individual links in the network. Joining the Alumni enables you to maintain high-level contacts in various management fields, keep a close eye on the latest developments in your sector and the Belgian and foreign business world, stay abreast of the research results conducted at LSM and network informally with people who share your entrepreneurial spirit … To sum up, you will be able to hone your professional and personal skills in a convivial and dynamic setting.

Isn’t that a forceful argument for choosing LSM-Campus Louvain-la-Neuve?

Contact : Caroline Gillard