Mentorship Project


What is the Mentorship Project?


A Mentor is someone who advises, with whom you can find a listening ear, an opinion or help in your job search or in the world of work.

The project is ambitious and consists of offering mentors specialized in different sectors (Supply chain, Finance, Marketing...) to newly graduated mentees of the LSM.

Pierre Semal, Mathilde Delsarte and Pauline Servais for the LSM mentorship team.


How does it work?

In several steps and with the help of the Jobteaser platform.

The Mentors will present themselves on the platform with some general information. They will be grouped together in the "Appointment" section.

The Mentees also register on the platform and ask for one or the other Mentor.

The Mentor who has received a request accepts it (or refuses it) and the MM duo sets its own operating procedures (how they communicate, how often, for which questions, for which period...). Then, the Mentor disappears from the list of potential Mentors.

A number of mentoring proposals are already on Jobteaser and will continue to arrive. On this platform, you will be able to register for an event proposed by a Mentor that you will choose according to your field and your needs in the professional world.


Any question?  We are reachable via: