(Re)inventing your compliance program

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

loupeNext session - September 2020

For whom? 

This Business Ethics and Compliance programme is open to participants and executives from various backgrounds: ethics and compliance professionals (part time or full time), working for medium and large companies, lawyers, CFOs, management consultants, risk managers, auditors, CEOs, board members, directors, regulators, public officers and international directors, among others.

Key success factors of the program

  • Taught in English by expert professors from leading universities together with international practitioners
  • Deeply anchored in professional practice, with highly interactive sessions
  • Concrete tools, directly applicable by participants in their daily activities
  • Opportunities to build valuable networks with other participants and practitioners
  • A schedule compatible with your professional commitments
  • Training sanctioned by a University certificate from leading Universities
  • Lectures in the heart of Brussels, at University Saint Louis, Boulevard du Jardin Botanique 43, 1000 Brussels.

  • Valérie Swaen (UCLouvain, LSM), academic co-director of the programme
  • Alexandre Girard ( Université Saint Louis – Finance), academic co-director of the programme
  • Yves De Rongé (UCLouvain, LSM)
  • Carlos Desmet (Visiting Professor UCLouvain, LSM)
  • Jean-Marc Gollier (Attorney Eubelius and Visiting Professor UCLouvain)
  • Christophe Greven (VP Legal and Compliance EMEA , OTIS)
  • Vincent van Bueren (Governance, Risk and Compliance Associate Gimv)
  • Anouk Claes (Université Saint Louis)
  • Hélène Latzer (Université Saint Louis)
  • Rodrigo Cunha (Global Ethics and Compliance Director – AB InBev)
  • François Vincke (Attorney – ICC VP CSR and Anti-corruption commission)
  • Anelien Van de Meulenbroek (Attorney Eubelius , DPO)
  • Jan Bocken (Attorney Eubelius)
  • Philippe Lambrecht (Professor UCLouvain and Secretary General and Board member FEB/VBO)
  • François Koning (Attorney Janson Baugniet)
  • Michael Fernandez Bertier (Attorney, Lecturer UCLouvain)
  • Jacques Spelkens (Head of CSR, Engie Benelux and Visiting professor, ICHEC)
  • Hilde Luystermans (Chairwoman of the Ethics committee Total Group) tbc

  • Pillar 1: COMPLIANCE TOOLKIT - Managing business ethics and compliance
  • Pillar 2: REGULATORY COMPLIANCE THEMES - Accountability of the Compliance, Anti-corruption, Money laundering, ...
  • Pillar 3: FOSTERING A SUSTAINABLE CULTURE OF ETHICS AND COMPLIANCE - Building an ethical culture : key components and tools, Managing interfaces with management, audit and other functions,...
  • Pillar 4: ECONOMIC AND ETHICS - Integrated and extra-financial reporting, and external assurance, Compliance in financial institutions
  • Pillar 5: WORKSHOP TO REVIEW COMPLIANCE PROGRAMS - Workshops with senior Compliance practitioners to explore findings, discuss successes and failures, ...
  • Pillar 6: FINAL PAPER AND CERTIFICATION - A written paper of about 30 pages and an oral presentation in front of various experts


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