Interdisciplinary Program in Entrepreneurship

CPME PROGRAM Louvain-La-Neuve

What is CPME ?

The CPME program is an interdisciplinary initiative where students from almost all faculties at UCLouvain are brought together in cross-disciplinary teams to create business projects.
Teams consist of students coming from different disciplines, i.e. business, law, engineering, physiotherapy, psychology, sciences, agronomy and liberal arts.
Business ideas are supplied by students themselves and from university research.

The original aim of the CPME program was to stimulate new business creation and entrepreneurship. This was later broadened to include entrepreneurial skills and activities in their widest sense ; i.e intrapreneurship, working for SMEs, non-profit organisations, spin-offs, business buyouts and related aspects.

The program is not in itself a separate master degree but consists of a set of dedicated elective courses that are integrated into 30 master programs from 9 faculties at UCLouvain.

Mandatory courses are evening classes given in French, most optional courses are in English.

Around 35 students are admitted each year.

Download the CPME Brochure.

Please refer to the pages in French for more details.