CPME PROGRAM Louvain-La-Neuve

Aims and Methods

The original aim of the CPME program was to stimulate new business creation and entrepreneurship. This was later broadened to include entrepreneurial skills and activities in their widest sense, i.e intrapreneurship, working for SMEs, not-for-profit creation, spin-offs, business buyouts and related aspects.

The program is not in itself a separate master degree but consists of a set of dedicated elective courses that are integrated into the corresponding master degrees from nine different schools/faculties at Université catholique de Louvain. The CPME program is managed in close collaborations with the faculty managing the parent degrees, and is spread across the last two years of its parent degrees, where the second year master thesis project revolves around creating a new business based on students’ own or external business idea.

Around 35 students are admitted each year, and the classes are given in the evening.

Mandatory courses are taught in French, most optional courses are taught in English.

The program has a dedicated building accessible 24-hour for the students. This creates a bonding effect among students, promoting knowledge exchange and collaboration across cohorts and disciplinary affiliations.

Please refer to the pages in French for more details.