Double Degree LSM / VMU

LSM Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

Double Degree LSM / VMU

VMU is the place for bright, entrepreneurial, ambitious young people, seeking for self-expression and professional excellence.

The VMU School of Economics and Management is recognized as one of the best schools in economics and management in Lithuania with a leadership position in research and teaching of the humanities.

The School of Economics and Management is one of the most liberal universities in Lithuania and other Baltic states. The University cherishes ideals of freedom, honesty, sharing of ideas and tolerance. Qualified faculty professors contribute to the evolving responsibility, diligence, self-reliance and communicative abilities of the future graduates.

The double degree LSM/VMU gives opportunities to selected LSM students to study at VMU the MSc in Finance and Banking or the MSc in Marketing and International Commerce and to selected VMU students to study at LSM the Master in Management.

    Double Degree Structure
    • VMU MSc in Finance and Banking

    This is a full-time academic programme intended for people with a university Bachelor degree, mainly in economics or management. The master programme introduces to financial decision making in financial sector and businesses, under growing uncertainty in the global and integrated business environment, based on strong theoretical and practical knowledge, with broad understanding of both national and international perspectives and cross-cultural awareness, clear attitudes towards the corporate social responsibility and professional ethics.

    The programme aims to put modern financial theories and methods into effective use, provide with systematic understanding and critical approach towards both national and global macroeconomic and business processes, make use of analytical financial tools and methods for complex decision making for the financial and real business structures, to provide with competences and skills in the professional activity in finance at the intersection of financial system and businesses.

    Name of Qualification: Master in Finance

    • VMU MSc in Marketing and International Commerce

    This is a full-time academic programme intended for people with a university Bachelor degree, mainly in management or economics. The master programme aims to introduce students to theoretical and practical concepts of marketing management, to provide with the strategic thinking, skills to analyze market trends and changes, with capabilities to react to the changing global business environment, for the development of marketing management function in organizations.

    Name of Qualification: Master in Marketing

    Students will follow a defined programme, which fulfils the academic requirements for the Master degree both at LSM and VMU. The students will have access to compulsory and elective master courses in all specializations. Problem-based learning is introduced throughout the curriculum. The proficiency in activity is trained during the practical sessions on managerial, financial, marketing decision making, analysis of real business cases branches of European and global companies, their branches in the Baltics, as well as developing research projects. Study results will be assessed as set by the curriculum of the courses followed.

    Year One at LSM

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    Year One at VMU

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    Master's Thesis

    Students enrolled in a double degree LSM/VMU are required to write a joint master's Thesis. Therefore they will have two supervisors: one at LSM and one at VMU.
    Students start their work for the master's thesis already during the first year. The master's thesis will be written in English. A mandatory oral defense will take place in front of both supervisors (by skype if needed).

    Tuition Fees

    Tuition fees are paid at the "home" university, for the entire duration of the studies. Administrative fees might be required at the "host" university.

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