Defended PhD Dissertations

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons


  • Corporate Social Responsibility implementation by non-profit sport organisations (2019)

Author: Géraldine Zeimers
Supervisors: Thierry Zintz (UCLouvain) & Annick, WIllem, (UGent)

  • Essays on the self-interested determinants of prosocial behaviours: The case of charitable giving (2018)

Author: Etienne Denis
Supervisor(s): Claude Pecheux, Per Joakim Agrell 
  • La formation professionnelle continue face au défi de la justice dans les organisations : le cas des entreprises et universités vietnamiennes (2017)

Author: Thi Thu Thao Lê
Supervisor(s): Matthieu de Nanteuil 

  • The Development of the Paralympic Movement: Towards an Institutional Explanation (2016)

Author: Simon GÉRARD
Supervisor: Thierry Zintz

  • The role of CSR in identities dynamics during a period of organizational change (2013)

Author: Kenneth De Roeck
Supervisor: Valérie Swaen

  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) communication campaigns towards the consumer: Analysis of their effects during a CSR crisis (2013)

Author: Catherine Janssen
Supervisors: Valérie Swaen and Joëlle Vanhamme

  • The use of management control systems in a sustainability context (2011)

Author: Marc Journeault
Supervisor: Yves De Rongé

  • Toward the stakeholder company: Essays on the role of organizational culture, interaction, and change in the pursuit of corporate social responsibility (2010)

Author:  François Maon
Supervisors: Valérie Swaen and Adam Lindgreen (Hull Business School)
  • From “nuts and bolts” to CSR. Standardization and democracy. Sociology of ISO 26000 setting process (2009)

Author: Coline Ruwet
Supervisors: De Munck, Jean & Gosseries, Axel

  • Stakeholder involvement in CSR certifications (2009)

Author: Manal El Abboubi
Supervisor: Valérie Swaen