Double Degree in Law-Management

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons


The Louvain School of Management, in collaboration with the Faculty of Law and Criminology, offers the possibility to complete a Double Degree in law and management in 3 years.

To access this Masters, Bachelor students in Management must choose the minor in Law at the end of their first year.

Bachelor students in Management that have succeeded in their minor in Law will be able to apply for the Double Degree in Law-Management, provided that:
- They have acquired the 180 ECTS from the Bachelor’s Degree in 3 years max
- They have passed the Bachelor cycle cum laude

This Double Degree is accessible only if all these conditions are met and if the student adds supplementary courses in Law for a total of 30 ECTS (split amongst the 3 years of the Masters) in his program.

The first two years are mainly dedicated to Management; the third year is dedicated to Law and the completion of the Thesis as well as an internship.

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Minor in Law
Block 1 & 2
Block 3

Master's Theses

Students that follow the Double Degree in Law-Management must write two Master’s Theses : one in Management and one in Law.

During Block 1, students must:

  • Find Master’s Theses topics that are complementary in Law and in Management: there must be some kind of balance between the two Master’s Theses.
  • Find a duo of Professors (Law-Management) to help them create the link between the two Master’s Theses.

Professor Werner Derijcke will be able to help you contact your supervisors once you have chosen your Master’s Theses topics.


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