Internship offers - student

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

The internship (10 ECTS) is mandatory and is carried out in annual block 2, nevertheless there are some particularities for "specific" programs:

- International Business IB → Mandatory internship outside Europe (INGE and GEST) see with Estelle Tonon
- CEMS → Internship during the 2nd part of Q2 of annual block 1 
- Double Diploma DD → Optional internship
- CPME → Optional internship

The Louvain School of Management created a database to collect the offers from a lot of of companies and organisations wishing to welcome LSM students for an internship.
Check this new platform and find your internship now :

Please note that the internship offers platform is only accessible using the following operating systems: Safari 6.x and Safari 7.x / Internet Explorer 10.x and 11.x / Chrome 27.x
Username: "studentlsm" Password: your NOMA
From March 2019:
To edit the internship agreement, you will need to use another LSM platform, available from March 2019.
In February 2019, you will receive all the necessary information.