Internship Offers

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

Internships are part of our Master programs and provide our students with the opportunity to learn from a company/organisation culture and processes. The internships give our students the chance to turn academic experience and theoretical knowledge into a professional experience, helped by an internship supervisor from the company/organisation.

Different types of internships are available to the Louvain School of Management students, depending on the type of program they are in: classical program, CEMS program or International Business (IB) program.

1) Internships that are recognised in the academic program of the students:
• Classical program : minimum 60 opening and consecutive days during the second period of the second year of Master (preferably between February and June)
• CEMS program: minimum 10 consecutive weeks abroad during the last period the first year of Master (after the Easter holidays)
• International Business program: 6 months out of Europe during the second period of the second year of Master

2) Internships that are completed during the Master degree but not recognised in the academic program of the students


How to publish an internship offer? 

For 2019:

To insert your offer, connect you via one of the following operating systems: Safari 6.x and Safari 7.x / Internet Explorer 10.x and 11.x / Chrome 27.x and follow this link

You must create an account if you connect for the first time. Your password will be sent by e-mail. We invite you to keep this e-mail for any future use.

You will find here a little guide to help you with the process.

We invite you to keep this e-mail for any future use.

For 2020:

From 1 December 2018, we invite you to publish your internship offers, for internships to be completed in 2020, on our new LSM Career Center.

  • Agreement: for an internship offer to be made in 2020 to be the subject of an LSM agreement, it is imperative that the offer be published on the new LSM Career Center (
  • Already active on the UCLouvain Jobteaser (
    If you have already published an internship offer for 2020 on the UCLouvain section, make sure that the offer is clearly visible to LSM students.If this is not the case, we will not be able to issue an agreement for this offer. You will therefore also need to publish it on the LSM Career Center.
  • To publish an offer on the LSM Career Center, only one link: Career Center
  • Internship agreement: internship agreements will be edited by the interns via an internal LSM tool. They will therefore come back to you in time to have you sign them.

How do I post an internship or job offer on the LSM Career Center? Please refer to our User Guide.

Not yet familiar with the new LSM Career Center?

The Louvain School of Management has set up a LSM Career Center in partnership with JobTeaser. Jobteaser is used by more than 400 universities and colleges and 5000 companies. Launched last September at the LSM, it is already a great success among our students.

The LSM Career Center offers various services:

  • presentation spaces for companies and their businesses
  • announcement of company career events
  • dissemination of job offers and internships
  • making appointments for career coaching

Register your company via this link: Career Center

For any information or suggestion, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to : / site of Louvain-la-Neuve / site of Mons


We thank you for your interest in the Louvain School of Management