Master theses

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

Every year, members of the Louvain CSR Network support students in the supervision of their Master thesis covering a topic related to CSR and sustainability. You will find hereafter a wide portfolio of the Master theses presented by our students. Some of them are in open access, some others are available only if you're a member of  UCLouvain.

2019 Master theses:

  • Quel est l'impact du type d'information environnementale sur la crédibilité perçue de la communication, l'attitude envers le produit et les intentions d'achat du consommateur ? Le cas des produits à faible implication décisionnelle. (Dierckx, Stephan; supervisor : Swaen, Valérie, 2019) 

2018 Master theses:

2017 Master theses:

2016 Master theses:

2015 Master theses: