Circular Markstrat

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

Circular Markstrat : a unique strategic marketing business game

Prof. Caroline Ducarroz (LSM Mons) stimulated and co-created a latest version of the business game “MARKSTRAT” with its founder (Prof. Jean-Claude Larréché - INSEAD) and the whole Markstrat (StratX) development team.

“Circular Markstrat” gives an environmental perspective to the #1 worldwide famous Strategic Marketing simulation, by including environmental concerns in a plausible economic perspective. Participants will have to integrate environmental stakes to their strategic reasoning, in a business competitive setting where the market (consumers) and the authorities (government) are also more demanding in terms of companies’ ability to adapt to these new challenges. Besides bringing an environmental setting based on circular economy considerations, Circular Markstrat is well anchored in digitalization of markets. It makes “Circular Markstrat” a unique strategic marketing business game.

This 10-month collaboration still continues! Students attending the “Strategic Marketing” class of Prof. Caroline Ducarroz (Master in Management Science) will be the first ones to benefit from this new business game, as they will practice the beta version of it. This course goes thoroughly into strategic marketing and uses the business game as an exploration field, in order to go deeper in theoretical concepts, and put them in perspective with the situation of the students’ virtual company.

Following this test in real conditions, Circular Markstrat will be adapted by StratX and Prof. Caroline Ducarroz, so that other business schools can benefit from it.

This pedagogical innovation is part of the Master reform conducted in Mons, leading to more sustainability in the Master programs.

Published on October 06, 2022