Student Success Stories: The CEMS Master's in International Management Programme at the LSM


We recently gave three CEMS students the chance to showcase their experiences and knowledge in a series of interviews, which are now available on YouTube.

Lucie, Théo, and Victor, are currently in the 2nd year of the CEMS Master's Programme in International Management. 

Each of them highlighted the unique aspects of the CEMS Programme that attracted them to it in the first place. All three students also mentioned that the CEMS Programme is an alliance of some of the best business schools in the world. This has given them the opportunity to study at different institutions and gain exposure to a variety of cultures and business practices. 



Lucie shared her experience of living, working and studying in different countries, which has given her a unique perspective on cross-cultural communication and the importance of building relationships with people and a community. She also highlights the hard and soft skills the Programme brought her. Find the complete interview here. 

Theo highlighted the CEMS community and how the Programme helped him to create strong relationships that will last for a lifetime. Discover how Theo learned to adapt to his audience and to interact with it the best way possible. Find the complete interview here. 

Lastly, Victor explained how the collaboration with CEMS corporate partners gave him great insights on the professional life but also improved his business knowledge. Find the complete interview here. 

The interviews provide valuable insights into the experiences and perspectives of these three CEMS students, highlighting the diversity of backgrounds and interests among those studying in the Programme. The interviews also shed light on the importance of international experience, sustainability, and innovation in the field of international management. 

Thanks to Lucie, Théo & Victor for sharing their experiences! 

Published on March 22, 2023