On going PhD theses

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons


  • Organisational antecedents of voluntary employee green behaviour: An organisational justice perspective

Researcher: Corentin Hericher
Supervisors: Ina Aust, Valérie Swaen
Final defence foreseen for: 2020


  • Social capital and community-based entrepreneurship in Africa

Researcher: Laurent Lahaye
Supervisor: Frank Janssen
Final defence foreseen for: not yet defined


  • A study towards understanding the processes underlying Social Entrepreneurship

Researcher: Paulami Mitra
Supervisor: Frank Janssen
Final defence foreseen for: 2019


  • PSS, an integrative typology of value propositions and marketing practices to curb obsolescence practices? Understanding consumers’ reactions towards potential solutions.

Researcher: Pauline Munten
Supervisor(s): Valérie Swaen, Joëlle Vanhamme
Final defence foreseen for: December 2021


  • CSR evaluation: Analysis of the process and the challenges to become a certified B Corp company and of the impact on employees

Researcher: Ann Verbeke
Supervisor(s): Valérie Swaen, Yves De Rongé
Final defence foreseen for:  2022