Pedagogy and structure of the Masters 120 of the LSM

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

Since September 2017, the Masters [120 credits] in Management and in Business Engineering at the Louvain School of Management have been redesigned, with a new structure and a new pedagogy, in order to meet the requirements of the job market and meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

New organization of quadrimestres, focus on employability and languages, smaller classes, emphasis on active pedagogy, continuous evaluation, simplification and coherence of the course structure at the two sites (LLN and Mons), more distinction between the Master in Management and the Master in Business Engineering ...

The main changes

  • The academic year starts with a Welcome Week : no classes but information sessions and teambuilding activities
  • The quadrimestres are divided in 2 blocs of 6 weeks (see under for the calendar)
  • More specialisation with 18 majors of 30 ECTS (see the majors' portfolios on the right side)
  • Emphasis on active pedagogy and smaller classes
  • More practitioners
  • Continuous evaluation
  • A compulsory internship of at least 60 working days
  • Emphasis on languages: more courses in English (full progamme in English is possible) and course in Dutch (in LSM or KU Leuven)

The evaluation methods