Pedagogy and structure of the Masters 120 of the LSM

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

In 2017, LSM completely reviewed the structure of its 120 ECTS Master's programmes. As a result, classes are now given in 6-week blocks. This new structure is coupled with an active pedagogy in order to help students in developing the management skills required to meet the current and future challenges of the job market, as described in our referential learning framework, the LSM compass (see here). 

Our school offers two Master’s degrees:

  • Master’s in Management (MM)
  • Master’s in Business Engineering (MBE)

The Master's in Management (MM) prepares for management positions in private and public organization. It is intended to develop the students abilities to integrate management theories and concepts, to place organization in their socio-economic and institutional context, and to integrate the challenges of international competition into "socially responsible" management practices.

The Master's in Business Engineering (MBE) is intended to strengthen the managerial abilities of students having a background in sciences (physics, chemistry, computer sciences, etc.) and technologies (energy, electronics and telecommunications, mechanical engineering and processes, etc.) in addition to their training in economics, management and quantitative methods. Courses offered solely for this Master's degree are reserved for students with a Bachelor's degree in management engineering or for students with equivalent skills in quantitative method.

In summary, at LSM, we offer you:
  • A Discovery Week at the beginning of the year to get you acclimated to the school
  • Semesters divided into 2 block of 6 weeks
  • More specialization with a choice of 18 Majors of 30 ECTS
  • An emphasis on active pedagogy and smaller classes
  • Access to many practitioners
  • Continuous evaluation
  • A compulsory internship of at least 60 days to finish your cursus
  • An optional exchange term abroad
  • An emphasis on languages: a full time English programme is available and courses in Dutch can be chosen as well (at LSM or KU Leuven)