Step 1 : Nomination


In order to apply to LSM, your university must have a mobility partnership with our university and the LSM. The existence of such an agreement is a mandatory requirement for the mobility and constitutes a guarantee for you to benefit from high quality academic and administrative support services at UCLouvain. For more information about LSM academic calendar and course choice, click here.

Firstly, your home coordinator must ...

Your home coordinator must nominate you on our Mobility Online Platform before the deadline. LSM launched the new online nomination platform in March 2020. Be aware the the process has slightly changed compared to what was required before that date.

The nomination deadlines are:


Nomination Deadline for Fall term at Louvain School of Management - LSM Nomination Deadline for Spring term at Louvain School of Management - LSM

Your home coordinator will receive an automatic email to fill in a specific nomination form. If your home coordinator has a problem with the platform, they should contact the LSM Incoming Students Coordinator (

Secondly, students need to...

After the LSM Incoming Students Coordinator confirms the nomination on the platform, the student will receive an email inviting him/her to complete the next step online.