Curriculum & Cost Consideration

LSM Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

The CEMS MIM is a two-year, full time program (can be entirely in English) which combines academic theory and business practice and will give you 2 degrees with any additional tuition fees.

The program is only open to students who will enroll at LSM in the Master 120 in Business Engineering (INGE2MS/G) or Management (GEST2MS/GE) after being selected for CEMS MIM. Please note: the CEMS MIM starts in September of the first year of the Master 120.

At LSM we facilitate CEMS local-international student network and integration through the following common CEMS curriculum which includes: 2 academic terms at 2 different CEMS Schools*, an international internship, core courses, block seminar, skill seminars and a business project.

The academic year at LSM is composed of two terms and each term is splitted in two parts (Part 1 & Part 2) :

  • Fall term going from September to December with exam session in January
    • Part 1 : the 8 first weeks of the term (incl. integration and evaluation week)
    • Part 2 : the 6 last weeks of the term
  • Spring term going from February to May with exam session in June
    • Part 1 : the 7 first weeks of the term (incl. evaluation week)
    • Part 2 : the 8 last weeks of the term (incl. 2 weeks of Easter holidays)

All courses are given on a period of 6 weeks; thus, they are given in part 1 or in part 2:

  • The courses from part 1 may end with an exam after the 6 weeks of lecture (on week 7) or may have the exam during the June exam session
  • The courses in part 2 have automatically the exams scheduled during the June exam session

* Mandatory 1 academic term abroad. The possibility to do 2 academic terms abroad has a limited access and the available places are allocated according to a ranking. Download the programme brochure on the right side of the page for more details.