The steering team

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

Une équipe de pilotage

The steering team: promoters, co-promoters and pedagogical advisor

This project was made possible by funding from the Fonds de développement pédagogiques (FDP) of the UCLouvain, in collaboration with a fund from our partner LSM-Mons and a fund from our partner FUNDP of the LSM group. This funding enabled the project to be accompanied by a pedagogical advisor.

The effective realisation of the project "Référentiel de compétences" was possible thanks to the collaboration of each of the actors involved in the process and in particular thanks to the involvement of the pilots and co-pilots of this project:

  • Nathalie Delobbe, Professor at the LSM-LLN, promoter of this project,
  • Patrick Scarmure and Catherine D'Hondt, Professor at LSM-Mons, co-promoters of this project,
  • Pietro Zidda, Professor FUNDP, member of the LSM group, co-promoters of this project,
  • Léticia Warnier, PhD, pedagogical advisor, responsible for the development of this project,
  • Alain Vas, former Dean of the LSM, institutional support for this project.

The communication materials were supported by Jacques Berghmans.