Towards a Lasting Impact

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

Towards a Lasting Impact: the C3 (“C-free”) Approach

We continue our quest to enable each member of our community, students, faculty, staff and partners to achieve a lasting impact in their life, a choice of dedication and service. The fundamental pillar for our educational programmes is therefore to support the development of each student into an actor of his or her own path.

To become an actor, a driving force rather than a reactive resource, our programmes strive to develop three dimensions, here called the C3 approach (or “C-free” as it aims at liberating your intrinsic potential):

1. Competence

  1. time and effort into an education should bring valuable, tangible and advanced skills in our field, i.e., management at large. The pledge of each professor is to maintain the relevance of the courses, modules and projects with respect to economic, technical and social developments. Through the LSM Competence Compass, we ensure that the entire programme is consistent and delivers on the promises, complementing with courses and seminars in languages, personal and professional development when called for. Our level of ambition is and will remain professional excellence but taking into account the potential and conditions for each student individually, bringing them to their best level.

2. Conscience

Society is facing fundamental changes through the environmental, economic, digital and social transitions we are undergoing. The old map is simply not valid anymore we have to provide our students with the awareness about the primordial importance of these transition dimensions prior to and across any disciplinary skills. The transition of the world is also an intrinsically global phenomenon, underlining the importance to reinforce our international character and contents. But conscience is not only awareness, but foremost pointing at the intention and obligation to do good with your management skills. True purpose is based on the conviction of accomplishing something important, bringing competence and conscience together.

3. Confidence

The gloomy and confused period we live currently is full of negative and erroneous messages that are spread to oppose and divide the society. No positive action and no decisive impact can be attained unless we are convinced about our ability and legitimacy to achieve a real difference at some level. Here, we take an affirmative stance with such profiles as our DHC Bertrand Piccard, showing thousands of examples of how the human intelligence can produce radical breakthroughs in climate change challenges. The Solar Impulse project demonstrated that you could fly around the globe on solar energy alone, in spite of aerospace industry saying it was impossible. Many of the problems we face today are resulting from inertia and a false sense of endowment, where little thought or effort have been devoted to save what we all believed were abundant environmental resources. However, in combination with the international social and digital transformations, we can and must achieve radical impact also in environmental management. As actors of positive change, our students should have the confidence that anything is within the realm of human intelligence, but also the humility to recognize the parts we do not yet know or master.

Our credo in Louvain School of Management is in finding solutions and spreading hope rather than despair and cynicism.

Consider a few of our recent year achievements and new projects:

  • Recruitment of 4 specialists in business data analytics to increase relevance
  • Reform of the Master 120 programme (LLN) to include a semester long real-life consulting project in and three multidisciplinary courses in environmental, digital and organizational transition
  • Reform of the Bac programme (Mons) to bring CSR into first year, seminars in
  • Recruitment of new professors in sustainability management (2022), management control and ESG reporting (2023), sustainable finance (2023) and energy and environmental management (2023).
  • Creation of a new specialization in energy and environmental management in partnership with the LSM spinoff N-Side
  • Chair Francqui professorship 2022/2023, Benjamin HUYBRECHTS, on social and non-profit associations
  • Creation of an International Academic Advisory Council in 2023
  • Ongoing educational projects in courses to bring sustainability issues into the curriculum also internationally, such as the Marketing simulation project in Mons.
  • Investment in, and roll-out of, the university-wide interdisciplinary MOOC on sustainable development and transition, lead by Valérie Swaen.

Our C3-approach is clear, concrete and continuous. Making a lasting impact provides a viable purpose if you have the relevant competencies, the conscience of priority and the confidence to act. We will do it!

Pr. Per Agrell - Dean of the Faculty