We're here for you. Let's chat!


During the first 2 weeks of the academic year, our dedicated LSM students are here for you ! Either on Teams our at LSM in the Doyen Hall, don't hesitate to come chat with them.

You can join them on Teams or ask them to book a spot for you at one of our (IT) Workshops*. Our dedicated students will help you get started with your cursus at LSM and answer any question you may have about the way things work here. If you encounter a problem that they cannot solve themselves, they will take an appointment with the right person of the LSM staff for you. 

Please do no try to contact someone from the LSM Students Office during the first two weeks without an appointment. As it is a very busy period of the year for them, they will not answer your call. Thank you for your cooperation.

*During the Discovery Week (13/09-17/09), if you need help connecting to your account, understanding your schedule, accessing UCLouvain online tools or any other matter that cannot be easily done via Teams, don't hesitate to ask them to book a place for you on our IT Workshops happening all week long from 9h to 17h in the IT rooms of the Doyen Building (Doyen 1-3-4, entrance via the Ruelle de lanterne magique).