School of Psychology

Welcome to the School of Psychology (EPSY)!

The School of Psychology is part of the Faculty of Psychological Sciences and Education and covers the teaching in psychology through 2 general programs (1 baccalaureate and 1 master's degree) and 2 specialization masters. It has nearly 50 teaching members and provides training to more than 1500 students each year.

In its two general programs, the bachelor's degree in psychology and educational sciences and the master's degree in psychology, the school offers students the opportunity to follow highly advanced training. In addition to the mastery of theoretical knowledge directly relevant to the practice of psychology, the training offers an intellectual opening to other complementary disciplines such as law, sociology or biology. Students are also required to master the methodological and statistical tools essential to their future profession.

The School of Psychology maintains close links with the Institute for Research in Psychological Sciences (IPSY), the Institute for the Analysis of Change in History and Contemporary Societies (IACCHOS) and the Institute of Neurosciences (IONS), as its members are keen to enrich their teaching with the most cutting-edge research in their respective fields.