Masters in statistics


Master en sciences actuarielles, à finalité spécialisée (ACTU2M)

Master en statistique, orientation biostatistique, à finalité spécialisée (BSTA2M)

Master en statistique, orientation générale (STAT2M)

Statistics have become indispensable in most fields of human activity (economics, industry, health, finance, politics). The Master in Statistics will enable you to become acquainted with the state-of-the art of statistical science and methodology. The skills and statistical competences you will acquire are highly appreciated in professional environments. The structure of the master program into orientations, finalités and options fits well to the wide variety of domains in which statistics play a vital role, ranging from medical sciences (pharmacy, public health, etc.), over human sciences (economics, psychology, etc.), to natural sciences (chemistry, biology, physics, etc.). In order to ensure tight connections with professional life in all these domains, our team of lecturers is completed with a number of statistical consultants. Network events and research projects in collaboration with private and publicpartners provide a kick-start to the careers of our master students.