Student exchange programs


INCOMING EXCHANGE STUDENTSWe are happy to welcome you to the Faculty of Science.

What you are looking for and will discover at our Faculty is what our own students are also hoping to find at your University. Another perspective into teaching methods and research opportunities of a high quality as well as an ambition nurtured by nothing less than that of matching criteria set by international standards. 

Expertise and complementary know-how correlated to concrete human challenges most likely to benefit the wider community are indeed ideals worth striving for.
Those preparing for a term of study at the Catholic University of Louvain will find all the relevant information, including practical details, by contacting the Mobility and Exchange team at the Faculty of Science.

ATTENTION: The deadlines for receiving the complete registration form are May 31st  for the first semester or a full academic year and November 30th for the second semester.