Library Regulations

Complete regulations

Library Regulation, Annex 1

UCL Library User Charter

The access card identifies its holder and the holder’s rights and obligations.

Respecting others is conducive to a pleasant work environment.

Respecting facilities and rooms ensures comfortable working conditions and sustainable services.

‘Playing by the rules’ guarantees the availability and dissemination of information.


To ensure all users draw maximum benefit from library services, I promise to:

  1. have my own access card in my possession at all times for library and service access;

  2. never under any circumstances lend my card to someone else;

  3. adopt an attitude, behaviour and habits of dress that are respectful of other users and staff and their work;

  4. observe silence in work spaces and behave calmly in indicated collaborative work spaces and public circulation areas;

  5. silence or even turn off my mobile phone upon entering the library;

  6. respect service hours;

  7. respect the physical integrity of documents;

  8. respect equipment and the premises;

  9. not to drink, eat or smoke on the premises;

  10. respect loan due dates, pay fines and accept established late penalties;

  11. assume responsibility for any activity registered to my card if I fail to report its loss or theft;

  12. assume my responsibility in case of document loss or theft or attempted theft or any breach of equipment or the premises;

  13. accept disciplinary measures imposed by the library director or his or her authorised representative.