UCL libraries offer a new tool: Discovery.

Via a single interface, Discovery organises and simplifies your searches of all UCL documentary resources, and beyond.

Need bibliographical references or an entire text fast? No problem: use Discovery.

It provides a wealth of information:

  • the UCL catalogue;
  • databases;
  • online journals;
  • press articles;
  • research articles.

Its main advantage?

It gives you access via a single interface to all UCL print and digital holdings (books, articles, journals, theses, dissertations, databases, etc.) and to external references.

Consequently, your searches will turn up a wealth of references. To get through such an extensive list of information, you will need to have some documentary research experience, which is why Discovery is recommended above all for master’s and doctoral programme students.

Need help? Our librarians are here to serve you.

Published on July 05, 2017