Remote access

Resources accessible only from UCL domain computers:

  • subscribed databases;
  • subscribed digital periodicals;
  • subscribed ebooks;
  • theses and publications of restricted access research (;
  • restricted access digital dissertations (DIAL.mem);

Access to resources from a computer outside the UCL domain (e.g. while on mission abroad, at home) is obtained via a ‘proxy’ server and restricted to:

  • UCL staff;
  • UCL students.

Accessing the proxy server

Outside the UCL intranet network, ‘Remote access? Use proxy’ appears on the Libellule catalogue page.

Click ‘Use proxy’.

Log in with your global username and password.

If you do not yet have a global username, activate your user account.

After login, ‘Use proxy’ no longer appears on the screen, which indicates that recognition on the network is active.